Visiting Cape Arid National Park

Arid Bay, Cape Arid National Park

We got the hot tip from our accommodation hosts and fellow explorers, Lara and Shane, that Cape Arid was a place not to miss. It’s a longer drive out of town than Cape Le Grand – about an hour – but worth the effort. As it was December, red kangaroo paws lined the road on the trip there and the park was punctuated by the bright orange of native Christmas trees.

Entry is $12 and we stopped at the lower campsite for a cuppa and to polish off some Christmas cake, essential fuels for beach exploring.  The campground were empty, which was surprise but apparently there is another site nearby, with better facilities. Still, the grounds looked clean and well kept but shade was not abundant.

From there, it’s not far to drive onto the beach. The river was low and a makeshift sand bridge had been built to make it easier to drive across. Once on the beach, we kept going and going from bay to bay.

You probably already know – Esperance is stunning. We stopped for photos and to explore rocky outcrops, even coming across some Cape Barren geese wandering along the shoreline. There is a track at the end of each bay, leading onto the next, eventually taking us to Arid Bay, which was breathtaking. The wind was south easterly that day so the ocean was calm and glassy.

Arid Bay, Cape Arid National Park

We say the same for many places but Cape Arid was one place we would like to come back to explore. With camping available (even on the beach, although I don’t know how permissible that is) and plenty of swimming and fishing opportunities, Cape Arid is a great day trip and perfect for campers seeking some peace, quiet and real outdoor experience.

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