Cape to Cape Track: Section 1 – Cape Naturaliste to Yallingup

In November 2018, we planned and completed three sections of the Cape to Cape Track. This is the first post in the series which gives an overview of our day walk from Cape Naturaliste to Yallingup.

Our first walk started at the top. We were fortunate with the weather and it was a mild but sunny day. We were dropped off at Cape Naturaliste lighthouse, keen with anticipation. We wanted to get going so didn’t walk up to the lighthouse but there are plenty of shorter trails in the area to explore and enjoy. Maybe another time – today we needed our energy for the 13km ahead of us. We signed the book and set off.

The first section to Sugarloaf Rock was an easy, flat and sealed path. This eases you into the walk and gives you the confidence to believe you can do it. At this time of year, we were treated to seas of fading colour as the spring flowers had one final hurrah. It would be a spectacular short walk in the spring.

At Sugarloaf Rock, we left the Track briefly and walked up to the lookout which gives clear views over one of WA’s most Instagrammable rocks.

Then the real adventure began. We took the Track as it left the road and not long after we were walking along a sandy but firm track. The next section was mostly along rocky coastline, featuring bay after bay of dramatic coast.

Man walking along the Cape to Cape Track
Walking along the Track

With some undulations, it was otherwise flat. There was a short walk down onto the beach at Three Bears and back up again onto the cliff top. We stopped at Three Bears for break and something to eat. By now, Sugarloaf Rock was becoming a small dot in the distance.

Staircase down to Three Bears beach
Overlooking Three Bears

After several kilometres, the Track veered off into swampy scrub. A couple coming the other way alerted us to two snakes they had just seen crossing the track. We didn’t see any snakes but did see their tracks and it was definitely snake country. 

Away from the coast and out of the wind, it became increasingly humid. After a killer uphill climb, the Track eventually wound back to the coast and we could see Yallingup in the distance. We followed the trail down to the beach and walked along for a short section, before we left the Track and took a detour through town and back to Caves Caravan Park via the back of Caves House.

Yallingup Beach
We can see Yallingup in the distance

This section was a good length to start our walks. The cooler weather and mostly flat, firm terrain helped ease us into the experience. It was well-signed so there was no problem with back tracking. If you are staying in Yallingup, I recommend this as a good length to start your Cape to Cape journey.

Our next walk was scheduled for two days later and took us across diverse and challenging terrain. At 17km, I was a little nervous about whether we would make it. Check out how we went on our next section from Moses Rock to Yallingup.

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