Getaway WA is a side project blog about camping in Western Australia by Jo Rogers. I’m WA-born and bred and my husband and I love to get out camping whenever we can in our old Land Rover and an Oz Tent. We have experienced camping in locations throughout WA and we’re still exploring.

OzTent camped at Shannan National ParkAdmittedly, in the past, I haven’t been terribly adventurous but that’s changing. Until a few years ago, I had an itching to experience something more in life, but I wasn’t sure what. Then I went camping and have since realised a love of the WA outdoors which had been lying dormant. Since then I have grown to love photography, bushwalking and even the occasional bike ride.

My other passion is food and tackling the challenge of preparing simple, delicious but healthy meals whilst working full time. I believe camping is not a reason to eat badly or consume poor quality foods simply because it came prepackaged. Being prepared with good quality food enhances the experience of enjoying the outdoors.

Most of the sites we visit are national parks or stations and we prefer natural settings rather than caravan parks. One day we’d like to upgrade to a camper trailer but for now, the OzTent is doing a pretty good job.

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